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Nyalore Impact is a woman led social enterprise founded in 2016 who recognized the urgent need to address the global climate crisis.

  • Renewable energy solutions,
  • Reducing carbon emissions,
  • Creating jobs in local communities,

She saw that many communities, particularly those in low-income areas,lacked access to clean energy solutions and were disproportionately affected by environmental degradation and pollution. She wanted to create a social enterprise that could provide clean energy solutions to these communities, while also creating jobs and economic opportunities.

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Quooker Digi

"Pika Na Presha, Bila Presha"

Quooker Digi

"Pika Na Presha, Bila Presha"

Home ligthing System

Solar Appliances

Jiko Digi

Modern energy-efficient cooking appliances

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Modern energy-efficient cooking appliances

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Modern energy-efficient cooking appliances


Modern energy-efficient cooking appliances

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Modern energy-efficient cooking appliances



Home ligthing System

Solar Appliances

Nyalore Impact Limited


Dorothy is the founder of Nyalore Impact, a social enterprise based in Homa Bay town, Western Kenya, that specializes in the sale of improved cookstoves, as well as the production and sale of briquettes. Dorothy was introduced to clean technologies and fuels in 2014, by her son who had noticed the struggles she experienced using charcoal for cooking. While she was immediately entranced by the idea of distributing briquettes, her first sales demonstration at a hotel went horribly wrong, when the fuel failed to burn cleanly as a result of using an inefficient stove. During the demonstration the entire hotel kitchen was blanketed in smoke. Fortunately, this experience bolstered her resolve to learn everything she could about the opportunities and gaps in improved cookstoves and briquettes. After registering her company in 2016, Dorothy begun distributing her products in Homa Bay and Migori counties.
As her business grew, Dorothy was eager to learn how to expand her market reach; in the face of stiff competition from manufacturer's with low operating costs and minimal awareness of clean cooking technologies in rural communities. Through support from w various partners in the clean cooking. Dorothy is receiving mentorship tailored towards business plan creation and improvement of management and leadership skills.


Nyalore's Impact

Nyalore Impact has helped install renewable energy solutions in over 500 households and businesses in underserved communities.

Our solutions have reduced carbon emissions by over 1,000 tons per year

Nyalore Impact has saved customers over $100,000 in energy costs

The company has also created over 50 jobs in local communities and provided training and education to hundreds of people.

Who We Are -What drives us.

Our Organization's purpose, Nyalore Impact's focus on our goals and aspirations.

  • 01 Our Mission

    To accelerate the transition to a sustainable, clean energy future by providing affordable and accessible clean energy products to underserved communities.

  • A world where everyone has access to clean, affordable, and reliable energy, regardless of their income or location.

  • Through production and distribution of innovative modern clean cooking and solar solutions.

    To enhance healthy, and sustainable communities, for an equal world.


Clean Energy Solutions

Solar Solutions

Nyalore Impact is a supplier of solar power and lighting solutions for homes.


Producers of modern biomass briquettes and pellets. Our products are made from 100% waste.

Modern energy-efficient cooking appliances

We produce and sell cookstoves, baking ovens, burners, and retainer baskets.

Nyalore eCare

We offer dedicated online support to our clients both on call and email.

Onsite Customer care,

Customer service and effective training services offered with our agents in the communities.

After-sales & Warranty

Nyalore offers customerproduct training, warranty service, returns, and exchanges.


Success Stories

Lady Otieno


We quickly thought of alternatives and modern energy saving jiko sprung to mind. As we speak, it is now all over the place as you confirmed with the residents.

Sara Wilsson


Firewood became scarce and prices shot up. Wood-fuel is the main source of energy in this region. We thank you Nyalore Impact for your affordable briquets.

Jena Jane

Jiko User

Jena said although modern jiko may look expensive to buy, ones bought it saves you a lot in terms of firewood consumption and money spent. Depending on the model and size of the jiko, Thanks for your modern Jikos.

Anne Owino

Bidii Women Group

We must admit these modern cook-stoves burns more efficiently than traditional stoves. It reduces the amount of fuel consumed, regulates the speed of cooking and processes, and reduces harmful emissions.

Jane Kamau


The use of modern clean cook-stoves has helped reduce usage of wood and charcoal within the area. It saves women time needed to collect fuel and/or money needed to purchase fuel.

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We work with local partners to install and maintain our solutions, and also provide training and education on how to use and maintain them. In addition, the company offers financing options to make these solutions affordable for households with modest incomes.

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Kizito Odhiambo

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P.O. Box 826, Code: 40300, Homa Bay, South Nyanza-Kenya.

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